Swarnprabha Yakshini Mantra | Divyangana Siddhi

Swarnprabha Yakshini Mantra - Divyangana Siddhi

📅 Apr 22nd, 2022

By Vishesh Narayan

Summary Swarnprabha Yakshini Mantra is a divine sadhana to manifest Yakshini. A unique smell keeps emanating from her body, which is enough to hypnotize any man. She is completely devoted to accomplishing the desired work of the sadhak.

Swarnprabha Yakshini Mantra is a divine sadhana to manifest Yakshini. Yakshini is very beautiful, gentle, and simple in nature. She continues to remain dressed in beautiful clothes, in the form of a young woman of sixteen years. She is eternally youthful.

Swarnprabha simply radiates the aura of golden color near her body. She looks amazing and charming.

A unique smell keeps emanating from her body, which is enough to hypnotize any man. She is completely devoted to accomplishing the desired work of the sadhak. Yakshini continues to provide wealth, opulence, and happiness to the seeker.

The word 'Yaksha' refers to such a special caste and the caste in itself is the lord of wealth, opulence, sovereignty, and prosperity. The treasurer of the deities is Kubera, who is worshiped along with Lakshmi on the occasion of Diwali. Kubera belongs to the 'Yaksha' caste and Ravana had also attained opulence by performing Kubera sadhana.

Yakshini Sadhana is even more substantial than Lakshmi Sadhana because by Yakshini Sadhana we can accomplish everything, which is the objective of our life. Yakshini Sadhana is regarded more important because of the following five reasons:

1. This sadhana is simple and does not have many complicated rituals.

2. This sadhana is of minimum time and sadhak does not have to waste much time in this.

3. This sadhana is considered to be very successful and immediately fruitful.

4. The sadhak does not suffer any kind of loss due to Yakshini Sadhana, but only gains.

5. After completing Yakshini Sadhana, Yakshini remains under the control of the seeker throughout her life in a gentle form and keeps on completing her desired work.

Benefits of Yakshini Sadhana

  •  After the completion of sadhana, the Yakshini physically meets the seeker in beautiful-fitted clothes and remains as his only.
  • Such a Yakshini keeps on obeying the orders of the seeker throughout her life.
  • On receiving the order, whatever the seeker wants, Yakshini continues to provide. It provides wealth, opulence, clothes, gold, physical happiness and mental satisfaction, etc.
  • Such a Yakshini gives constant advice and guidance to the seeker in the form of an advisor. In times of trouble, she serves whole-heartedly.
  • When Yakshini is accomplished, she gives satisfaction to the seeker physically and mentally.
  • Such a Yakshini is visible to the seeker and never betrays.
  •  A Sadhak doing any type of sadhana or worship can perform such sadhana.
  • Yakshini Sadhana continues to provide wealth and money in life. Old age does not pervade such a seeker. Sadhak himself remains youthful continuously due to the influence of Yakshini.

This is the best sadhana as Yogis, Yatis and Sannyasis have also attained success and have maintained good fortune in the forest and mountains. A householder can also perform such sadhana. Any man or woman can do this.

Even if this sadhana fails due to some reason, there is no loss to the sadhak. For many seekers, this sadhana is proved in the very first time itself.

Swarnprabha Yakshini Mantra Sadhana Muhurta

If this sadhana is done around Deepawali, then it is more appropriate. The most auspicious time to perform this sadhana is the second day after Deepawali.

Sadhana Samagri

  1.  Water pot, kumkum, saffron, and rice,
  2. Yakshini Mala through which the mantra is to be chanted.
  3. Yellow seat and yellow dhoti to wear;
  4. Divyangna Swarnaprabha Yakshini Siddhi Gutika.

After ten o'clock at the night, the sadhak should spread a yellow seat and sit on it with a calm mind.

In addition to the above-mentioned ingredients, get some roses. Also keep a garland of flowers, so that when the Yakshini becomes visible, then the garland is put on her, and take a promise from her that she will be under your control for the rest of her life and will do whatever you command.

Sadhak should wear Divyangana Swarnaprabha Yakshini Siddhi Gutika on his neck or right arm. Write swastika and Shri on a steel plate with saffron. Sadhak should apply some perfume to his body.

Dedicate flowers and milk-made sweets. Lit an oil lamp and incense sticks nearby. Sadhak himself should sit facing north and on the same night, he should complete the chanting of 21 rounds of mantra with the rosary. Do this mantra sadhana for 14 days.

Swarnprabha Yakshini Mantra

Om Aing Shreem Hreem Divyangna Aagach Siddhim Dehi Dehi Phat

स्वर्णप्रभा यक्षिणी साधना सिद्धि मन्त्र

ओऽम् ऐं श्रीं ह्रीं दिव्यांगना आगच्छ सिद्धिं देहि देहि फट |

After the chanting of the mantra, a very sweet-scented Shodashi Divyangna Yakshini comes nearby. When there is a direct darshan of the Yakshini or there is such an experience that a lady is sitting, then the sadhak should put the garland around her neck and take a promise that the Divyangna Yakshini will be under her control and will obey whatever he commands for the rest of her life.

After the completion of this sadhana, tie the Gutika, on your arm. By doing this the sadhak attains complete accomplishment.

Required Sadhana Samagri :

Yakshini Mala

Divyangna Swarnaprabha Yakshini Siddhi Gutika.







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