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Swarnavati Yakshini Mantra - Benefits - Rules - Muhurta

📅 Sep 13th, 2021

By Vishesh Narayan

Summary Swarnavati Yakshini Mantra is a sadhana to manifest the Yakshini. Yakshini is usually very delightful and simple. As a young girl of sixteen years, she is constantly dressed in elegant clothes. The Yakshini is always ready to do the desired work.

Swarnavati Yakshini Mantra is a sadhana to manifest the Yakshini. Swarnavati Yakshini is a divine and supernatural entity that resembles the Apsara in many ways. Both are very beautiful, charming, opulent, and represent a particular caste.

The treasurer of the deities is Kubera who represents the Yaksha caste. Yakshas and Yakshinis possess a lot of gems, jewelry, clothes, gold, and property.

Yaksini Forms

In Udmaheshwar Tantra, there are a total of 36 descriptions of Yoginis which are unique and each has different types and qualities. The names of these 36 Yakshinis are Vichitra, Vibhrama, Hansi, Vishala, Bhishni, Jananjika, Madana, Ghanta, Kalkarni, Mahabhaya, Mahendri, Shankhini, Chandrani, Shamshana, Vat Yaksini, Mekhala, Vikhla, Lakshmi, Malini, Shatapatrika, Sulochana, Sulochana , Kapalini, Varayaksini, Nati, Kamada, Swarnaprabha, Kameshwari, Aishwarya, Manohara, Pramoda, Anuragini, Nakheshi, Bamini, Padmini, Swarnavati and Ratipriya.

Nature & Resemblance of Yakshini

Yakshini is usually very delightful, gentle, and simple in nature. As a young girl of sixteen years, she is constantly dressed in beautiful clothes. A unique aroma continues to emanate from her divine body, which is enough to hypnotize any deity, yaksha, kinnara, and man.

The Yakshini is always ready to do the desired work and remains as a lover in the life of the sadhak and provides constant wealth and happiness to the sadhak.

Benefits Yakshini Sadhna

  • After the Siddhi of Yakshini, The sadhak does not get old. The sadhak remains youthful.
  • After the Siddhi of Yakshini, she is visible and invisible visible to the sadhak and performs her desired task.
  • After the Siddhi of Yakshini, she guides the sadhak in difficult times and is ready to serve her.
  • After the Siddhi of Yakshini, she follows every command of the sadhak.
  • After the Siddhi of Yakshini, she provides wealth, clothing, gold, and satisfaction to the sadhak.

Muhurta Yakshini Sadhana

Yakshini Sadhana can be performed on any full moon night. Try to complete this sadhana only after getting initiation from a competent Guru.

The Sadhak should keep performing this sadhana every full moon night until it is attained. A seeker should do this sadhana only if he has successfully done other spiritual sadhanas and is an advanced sadhak. Yakshini Sadhana should be done only after attaining Guru Diksha and Yakshini Diksha.

Rules Swarnavati Yakshini Mantra

  • This Yakshini Sadhana can be done only after 11:00 pm and it is a 7 days spiritual practice.
  • While doing this sadhana, you cannot do any job or occupation. The seeker has to live alone although he can live with his family.
  • Interaction with the outside world should be minimal.
  • In these seven days, the seeker has to consume only one meal.
  • The seeker should wear an attractive dress or dhoti-kurta daily. The seeker can wear any type of attire in this sadhana.
  • Keep water, kumkum, saffron, and rice with you.
  • Keep a garland of any flowers with you.
  • The seeker should draw a swastika on a steel plate and place Yaksini Gutika on it.
  • Offer kumkum, saffron and rice over that Yakshini Gutika.
  • Apply a little perfume to that Yakshini Gutika.
  • Sit facing north.
  • For the success of Sadhana, worship the Guru and chant 1 Mala of Guru Mantra.
  • Constantly recite the 21 Mala of Yakshini Mantra with the Energized Yakshini Mala.
  • After completing the mantras the seeker can sleep on a well-decorated floor or mat.
  • Complete the mantra chanting at night. The seeker may have some experience and even if Yaksini appears, keep on chanting 21 Malas.
  • After completion, a promise should be made from Yakshini that she will be your beloved or like your sister, or your mother.

It should be promised that after chanting 1 rosary of the Yakshini mantra, she should appear in her full youth and continue to provide food and every necessary thing to the seeker for daily life. After completion of spiritual practice, put the Yakshini Gutika around your neck.

Swarnavati Yakshini Mantra
स्वर्णावती यक्षिणी मंत्र साधना

ॐ ऐं श्रीं ह्रीं दिव्यांगना आगच्छ सिद्धिं देहि देहि फट |
Om Aing Shreeng Hreeng Divyangana Aagachch Siddhim Dehi Dehi Phat




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