Yakshini Sadhana Experience | Yakshini Culture and Facts

Yakshini Sadhana Experience - Yakshini Culture and Facts

📅 Sep 12th, 2021

By Vishesh Narayan

Summary My Yakshini Sadhana Experience. Jai Gurudev. I want to share my Experience with Yakshya and Yakshini. I have Two experiences with those beings. My 1st Experience was happened accidentally due to long hours of Gurumantra chanting.

My Yakshini Sadhana Experience. Jai Gurudev. I want to share my Experience with Yakshya and Yakshini. I have Two experiences with those beings. My 1st Experience happened accidentally due to long hours of Gurumantra chanting.

Yakshini Sadhana Experience

First Experience of Sadhana

It happened in June 2016. I had shared it with Guruji. For the first time in my life, I witnessed a non-human being in my apartment kitchen. He was 7 to 8 feet tall, muscular, and bluish with a dark complexion with a majestic mustache. He called himself Yakshyapati. It means king of a yaksha-ruled territory. I talked for 15 to 20 minutes, all mind-to-mind talk(telepathic).

Yakshya and Yakshini are ruled by their kings. They are highly developed in terms of yantra(technology) Vidya. Lord Kuber was selected as their king in ancient times, now he is immortalized as a Deity. In Kuber Sadhana, Yakshya beings come to bless those devotees who worship. Yakshya and Yakshini are worshipped throughout the globe by different names- mostly for Material Pleasure and development.

Yaksha Culture

Yakshya and Yakshini are pleasure and joy-seeking races. They are the Father Figure of Tantra Science. Truth be told, they are an open sex society, where women are allowed to marry multiple men, the same goes for men too. Sexual Unions are considered sacred in their race. Because of technological superiority, they don’t age. They love human beings and love to connect with them.

Freedom of self-expression is the highest priority in their society, they also teach us that. Lord Krishna is the most Famous Yakshini Siddha Human in Human History. Yakshini Siddha People are always Joyful, no matter what happens. It's their Biggest Quality. It's how you acknowledge a Yakshini Siddha. That 15 to 20 mins of talk revealed a lot about them. I have never met him again till now.

Second Experience

I had taken Diksha on 21-11-2019, On the very day of Diksha, I saw a beautiful feminine entity. He just appeared for 4 seconds and disappeared. I started my chanting as suggested by Guruji. My intention was to help somebody financially and to my surprise that person got nearly 9 lakh INR for his endeavor from unexpected sources, within 3 months. That solved his problem.

For me, it was an exciting experience. But I have not wanted any material thing for myself because I wanted her in my life. My complete focus is Her permanent Presence in my life. So I can’t beg for anything. I want to be worthy of her friendship.

Anyway if you do sadhana correctly, you can get whatever you want. Just TRUST her Fully, she will definitely help. Always be open-minded, don’t create an image of her figure, otherwise, you will never see her real form. Yakshya beings are the master of Tantra Vidya, Mayavi Vidya, and vashikaran Vidya. You can learn it from them too if you accept them as a Guru.

Facts About Yakshini

1) Women are most perfect for Yakshya and Yakshini Sadhana. Due to Male-Dominated System, women were not allowed to see this truth. Yakshini Sadhana improves the feminine charm in women and helps a lot in their Material Goals.

2) Women who will dedicate themselves to Yakshya and Yakshini sadhana, can get Siddhi of Yakshya as a cosmic boyfriend and protector, who will take care of her material needs and pleasures. It was hidden from women for centuries for cultural reasons.

3) Another Fact is Women will not find any interest in Human men if they get their Siddhi in Yaksha Upasana and Sadhana. They will be so ecstatic and so complete in every area of their life. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

4) Guru Diksha is necessary for Yakshya and Yakshini Sadhana.

5) Trust Her Fully and Do Physical Exercise every day for biological energy.

6) Be Very Open-Minded. Please Purify your thoughts about Sex. If you think sex is A dirty thing, then please don’t do Yakshini Sadhana. Do other sadhana. Healthy Sexual thoughts attract their Presence.

7) If you Disrespect Women, then don’t do Yakshini Sadhana. Any person who disrespects women, can’t get Glimpse of Yakshini- only temporary benefits.

8) Please be dedicated and focused on one yakshini. No matter how long it takes, stick to your mantra and Deity.

9) If you are a man, treat her like a girlfriend. If you are Female treat her like your bestie. Sooner or later the bond will be intimate. Remember Yakshini Sadhana is a luxurious and Joyful sadhana. In this sadhana Sexual union with the goddess is a pure offering.

10) Yakshini Sadhana and Apsara Sadhana are two entirely different things, please don’t mix them. Apsaras are like peaceful devotees but Yakshya, Yakshini is like fun-loving, joyful entities.

Thank you for reading.
Please Hide my Name for my complete success in Yakshini sadhana.

Jai Gurudev.


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