Removed Black Magic | Dhumavati Mantra Sadhana

Removed Black Magic - Dhumavati Mantra Sadhana

📅 Sep 12th, 2021

By Vishesh Narayan

Summary Guruji Namaste, I started mahavidya sadhana on 4th january 2014. I Removed Black Magic. I used to jap one mala of each Devi I used to take help from my friend as I am not from Bangalore to find various sadhana articles.

Guruji Namaste, I started mahavidya sadhana on 4th january 2014. I Removed Black Magic. I used to jap one mala of each Devi I used to take help from my friend as I am not from Bangalore to find various sadhana articles.

I was doing my sadhana when one night my friend called me and said his sister's friend is in critical condition and a death bed and next to death he said someone has done black magic on her and her family and they are suffering a lot the problems in life and mostly these were the problems.

How I Removed Black Magic from the Family

For the lady (S**** P R)

  1. One side of the body is paralyzed with lots of swelling and no sense in the whole body
  2. Unable to talk eat and move whatever eating it was coming out

For the husband (Ve****)

  1. While driving a car he used to see blood in his car mirror
  2. While urine in the lonely place he used to feel someone is hitting him on the back and coming to beat him
  3. Seeing his own dead body being burnt in dreams

For the child (Prl)
1. Unable to remember anything face studies or his daily. Reason told me was one Mr. A**
K** is doing all these to take their land by harassing and doing black magic. That night all of them were very scared and said next morning A**** K** will come and something bad will happen they told me to help from black magic and stop A**** K***** from coming and creating fights in their house.

I was not prepared to face such things in life and I have never done all these before for someone but I had a strong faith in God and that night I did three mala of ugra dhumavati mantra given your website next day that person have not come to their home next Thursday I did a full sadhana for them and I saved them from all their problems my sadhana was like that.

Sankalp in name of all three with gotra

  1. one mala of Ganesha (om gam Ganapathi Namah) with rudraksha mala I prayed lord to remove all obstacles in this sadhana
    2 one mala of shiva. I prayed guruji to bless me to be successful in sadhana
  2. one mala of Durga (om aim hreem kleem chamundaye viche)
  3. one male of kal bhairav (om bham bhiravay namah) and prayed to protect me in this sadhana
  4. one mala of maha mrityunjaya mantra (om haum joom sah)
  5. 21 mala of ugra dhumavati mantra
  6. one mala of maha mrityunjaya mantra

I have no yantra so made a swastika with sindur (nowadays I avoid sindur and do with black kajal n recently I bought yantra) and worshipped with full devotion I placed a small bowl of water on the plate where I made Swastik after mantra Jaap I did havan of one mala with white teel along with havan samagri, next morning I took the bowl and 11 times said the same mantra and blow air on that bowl of water later I added in a bottle full of water that bowl water and told them to drink and take bath with that water immediately in 6 hours all their problems solved

Experiences after sadhana: Few days after sadhana I felt n see all these. I got a thought that all these were not for the property but Sav have insulted someone and he is taking revenge which they did not tell me before as I was meditating I have seen a man with round face curly hair and specs with the black frame I told them this man is behind all these they were shocked and said yes that person is B**** and yes he was behind all these so due to Devi blessing all these happened and I got so much respect

Second experience: I had done a similar sadhna for my friend this time for his sister and it worked again

Third experience: Once I was with my friend his sister was again suffering from black magic I seat in front of them did 108 Jaap and touched her head and all pain and sufferings went immediately

Fourth experience: S* was supposed to visit her place and was fearing A*** K* will do something to her as she is going to meet him at a function there and was scared he would make her eat something and said to do something this time I gave her some rice which was there on the black swastika which I put during sadhana I gave her these rice and said to eat one rice daily she faced A** Kr*he did not utter a single word to her.

These are blessings I have received from maa I have seen rains getting stopped when I called maa for help
Guruji I am going to do a siddhi puja now for maa reciting 1 25 000 mantras (Dhoom Dhoom dhumavati tah tah) and doing havan of 12,500 I strongly feel she is telling me to do this I also want to earn more about maa and want to learn in full details

I have got similar blessings from maa tara maa kali and maa Baglamukhi I will mail you all those details later
pranam guruji.

Thanks and regards




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