Parkaya Pravesh Mantra | परकाया प्रवेश सिद्धि

Parkaya Pravesh Mantra - परकाया प्रवेश सिद्धि

📅 Apr 26th, 2022

By Vishesh Narayan

Summary Parkaya Pravesh Mantra is a powerful mantra to enter into the domains of another body while leaving own body. In India, The process was kept secret by Yogis, and a few expert persons practiced this in their lifetime.

Parkaya Pravesh Mantra is a powerful mantra to enter into the domains of another body while leaving own body. Parkaya means another form or being or body. Pravesh means to enter into. Parkaya Pravesh simply is a process to enter into the body of another dead human being with your soul and mind.

The process is a special action whereby the Yogi transfers his own prana into the dead body of the other person and makes that body alive. In India, The process was kept secret by Yogis, and a few expert persons practiced this in their lifetime.

As per Indian Darshan, the body is separate in itself, and the existence of prana is completely different. Though the prana remains tied to the body yet it is possible by certain secret practices to transfer the prana.

Through yoga practice, we can establish our control over the mind or prana and use it in any way we want. When such control is established, Parkaya Pravesh becomes simple.

Such a seeker orders his soul that he has to settle in a certain dead body and after a certain period leaves that body and comes back to this body.

Shankaracharya and Parkaya Pravesh

A few hundred years ago, Shankaracharya made this experiment possible authentically. After the death of the king, Shankaracharya separated his life from the body and entered the dead body of the king. As a result, the dead king rose to life in a few seconds, and living in the body of the king, Shankaracharya not only got various experiences but also experienced those tips of household life. Only after this, does he win the debate with the wife of the king.

The body of Shankaracharya lay dead for about six months and his life continued to work in the king's dead body, after which his soul left the king's body after a certain period and came back to his own body. Thus the body of Shankaracharya came back to life after six months and became functional.

It is very clear from this incident that if the seeker wishes, by means of some special techniques, he can separate the life from his body and infuse his life in a dead body.

In this whole process, only vibration remains in the thumb of the previous body, due to which the body remains conscious. And when the prana enters back into that body, it becomes active and starts working.

Methods Parkaya Pravesh

Parkaya Pravesh can be done either by Prana Yoga or by Mantra Yoga. In Prana Yoga, the Yogi raises his level and controls his organs, prana, and soul. Hereby, the Yogi gets the superb ability to control and guide itself nearby.

This stage is achieved by practicing some special Mudras under the guidance of a competent Guru. By doing this, he gets control over his soul and can infuse the whole life into a certain body, leaving a subtle part of his life. By doing this he brings back that dead body to life.

At the time, when the Yogi immerses his prana, then he is also given a signal of a certain period and after a certain period of time the prana comes back to his original body without delay of even a second. Till this period the subtle body keeps on beating.

Because of this the heartbeat, blood circulation and subtle consciousness remain the same. Many yogis have achieved amazing success through this process, among which Swami Poornanand, Yogi Gyananand, Swami Nirmaldev Chaitanya and Yogiraj Aurobindo are the main ones.

Parkaya Pravesh Mantra Siddhi

Although this sadhana is complicated if the sadhak gets the right guidance from a Guru he can be successful in achieving the ultimate success even by making personal efforts.

The mantra sadhana helps in attaining the desired states. The mantra sadhana should be started in any Pushya Nakshatra. Sadhak should take bath and worship his Guru for his success. He should wear the Parkaya Pravesh Siddhi Gutika around his neck.

With the help of Energized Parad Mala, he should chant 5 lakh of the mantra to attain the siddhi of the sadhana. The Viniyog must be performed before chanting the mantra.


om aing hreem shreem am satye, ham shavale haskhaphrem khaphrem, kleen raame, haskhaphrem mahaaparivrto, shoonyan parakaaya siddhi naarad rshih gaayatree chhandah shree guru devata, gun beej hreem shaktih om keelakam parakaaya pravesh siddhi preetyarth mantra jape viniyogah.


ओऽम् ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं अं सत्ये, हं शवले हस्खफ्रैं खफ्रैं, क्लीं रामे, हस्खफ्रैं महापरिवृतो, शून्यं परकाया सिद्धि नारद ऋषिः गायत्री छन्दः श्री गुरु देवता, गुं बीज ह्रीं शक्तिः ओऽम् कीलकं परकाया प्रवेश सिद्धि प्रीत्यर्थ मन्त्र जपे विनियोगः।

lam maanas poojan prthivyaatmakan gandhan-samarpayaami

haim aakaashaatmakan pushpan samarpayaami

yam vaayavyaatmakan dhoop-samarpayaami

ram dahanaatmakan deepan darshayaami

vam amrtaatmakan naivedyan-nivedayaami

sam sarvaatmakan taamboolan samarpayaami

लं मानस पूजन पृथिव्यात्मकं गन्धं-समर्पयामि

हं आकाशात्मकं पुष्पं समर्पयामि

यं वायव्यात्मकं धूप-समर्पयामि

रं दहनात्मकं दीपं दर्शयामि

वं अमृतात्मकं नैवेद्यं-निवेदयामि

सं सर्वात्मकं ताम्बूलं समर्पयामि

Parkaya Pravesh Mantra

om aing hreem shreem am satye, ham shavale haskhaphrem khaphrem, kleen raame, haskhaphrem paraatparaayai, vinirmuktaayai parakaayai hreem kulaishvaryai phat

मूल मन्त्र

ओऽम् ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं अं हं शवले सत्ये हस्खफ्रैं खफ्रैं क्लीं रामे, हस्खफ्रैं परात्परायै, विनिर्मुक्तायै परकायै ह्रीं कुलैश्वर्यै फट् ।

This mantra has to be chanted for five lakhs and after the completion of chanting, when the accomplishment is attained, then one can enter the world by performing Yogasiddhi Shavasana.

This is the best and secret sadhana secret.

यह मन्त्र मात्र पांच लाख उस यन्त्र के सामने जपना होता है और मन्त्र जाप समाप्ति के बाद जब सिद्धि प्राप्त हो जाती है, तो योगसिद्धि शवासन लगाकर परकाया प्रवेश किया जा सकता है।

यह श्रेष्ठ और गोपनीय साधना रहस्य है। योग्य साधकों को इसमें भाग लेकर सफलता प्राप्त करनी चाहिए।


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