Deeksha or Inititation | Significance | Types

Deeksha or Inititation - Significance - Types

📅 Sep 13th, 2021

By Vishesh Narayan

Summary Deeksha or Initiation is a unique and rare process of making the life of a disciple purer, more enlightened, and more successful. Deeksha is the foundation of a disciple, fuel of the spiritual life, completeness of the mind, and basis of the fusion with Shiva.

Deeksha or Initiation is a sort of agreement between a disciple and his Guru in which the disciple accepts him as his Guru, with a promise to strictly adhere to his instructions and orders, and similarly, the Guru takes upon Himself the entire responsibility to take the disciple to the highest levels of success and perfection.

Deeksha is a unique and rare process of making the life of a disciple purer, more enlightened, and more successful. Generally, a human being remains under the sway of bad karmas of past lives which do not allow him to make the desired level of progress despite hard work and sincere efforts.

In such cases, nothing can work better than Deeksha to remove the baneful effects of past Karmas and propel a Sadhak onwards on the path of success.

Just as a cloth has to be washed thoroughly to free it of stubborn stains similarly Deeksha is a method adopted by a Guru to free the disciple of his mental, psychological and physical drawbacks so that he could make good progress with a free mind in the spheres of spiritualism and materialism.

Why Deeksha or Initiation is Important?

Deeksha is the foundation of every kind of worship and penance, therefore a Sadhak must always avoid long methods and adopt the easy way. Receiving Deeksha is such away. A Guru who cannot grant Deeksha is not fit to be a Guru, he is a fraud.

A real Guru is the one who knows the methods of Deeksha because it is the only power that transfers knowledge and wisdom into the disciple. Even though he is sinful, he is freed from all bondages.

Deeksha is the foundation of a disciple, fuel of the spiritual life, completeness of the mind, basis of the fusion with Shiva, and the path to reach one’s destination.

Who can receive Deeksha?

Any person who just wants to chant mantras for success in life can take Deeksha. First of all, a person should take Guru Deeksha to remove the sins from life. After removing negatives from his life he can take other Deeksha periodically to get more success in life.

How can Deeksha be provided?

When the Guru gives Deeksha a flow of energy takes place from Him to the disciple, which can be in any form – spoken words in the form of Mantras, subtle radiation emitted from the eyes, or gentle warmth from a touch on the forehead with the thumb.

But the Sadguru is not limited to these means. Instead, He can transfer His energy across continents and give Deeksha through the medium of a photograph as well as the medium of mobile & internet.

What are different kinds of Deeksha?

Many types of Deeksha can be given to the sadhak or disciple namely-

  • GURU DeekshaGuru Deeksha is the first step of spiritual initiation. You need to take Guru Deeksha before performing any Sadhana or taking any other Deeksha.
  • SHIGRA KARYA SIDDHI Deeksha– Instead of just leaving things to one’s deity or to luck a person should also try to put in the best of his efforts. If you have a particular goal in mind and till now you have failed in attaining success in it for any reason like – lack of resources, lack of proper guidance, stiff competition, obstacles, or past Karmas, then this Deeksha can help you reach your goal in no time.
  • MAHALAKSHMI Deeksha- For those wishing for material comforts must try Kamala Sadhana or get Kamala Deeksha. Kamala Mahavidya is capable of removing poverty from life and bestowing wealth and prosperity upon a Sadhak. Due to Her blessing, one has all-round business success. one gets a job if one so desires, and one even gets promotions in jobs.
  • Vidya Deeksha – to transform an ordinary child into an intelligent being.
  • Shabar Deeksha – to get success in shabar mantras.
  • Shatru Samharak Deeksha – to overcome the enemies & court cases.
  • Rin Mukti Deeksha – to get rid of debts & negativeness.
  • Shighra Vivaha Deeksha – To get the desired person or to find a suitable match
  • Soundarya Deeksha – for attraction and magnetism.
  • Rog Nivaran Deeksha – for removing diseases and negative energies.


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