Divine Experience in Life After Deeksha

Divine Experience in Life After Deeksha

📅 Sep 12th, 2021

By Vishesh Narayan

Summary Your divine blessings are the essential ingredients to make my sowed spiritual seed sprout out and grow into a big tree someday in this life or the next. I am revealing my Divine Experience in Life After Deeksha.

Sashtang dandavat and charan sparsh|| Namo Namah Sri guru padukhabyam| I am revealing my Divine Experience in Life After Deeksha.

I am offering my humble and sincere obeisance, devotion, and prayers unto the lotus feet of Satgurudev who have the strength and divine power to destroy the darkness, evils, vices, illusions, and ignorance in one’s life.

Guru can awaken our soul consciousness and awareness when we surrender fully with faith and devotion onto their lotus feet.

I have started my spiritual journey in childhood at the age of 12 yrs. but unfortunately, there was no genuine guru to take hold of my hands and guide me thus, I have taken shelter of some spiritual books to quench my inner thirst for truth but unfortunately, I remain unsatisfied within.

I have met some gurus in my journey but to no avail; they couldn’t answer my deepest queries about the mystery of life, absolute truth, and gods.

One day by luck, I came across the Guru Kripa channel. That's where my spiritual life has changed drastically and taken a new turn.

I have been very fond of chanting mantras since childhood and this channel has inspired and motivated me a lot to practice and experience the immediate positive effects.

I have even watched numerous old video discourses of Shri Narayan Dutt Shrimali and I can say He has taken me by storm. From there, I have taken many Deeksha and sadhanas from Guru Vishesh Narayan Ji and he has been instrumental in my spiritual life.

I am honored to come across such an exalted and experienced guru with the mantra siddhi sakshat maa Saraswathi residing in his divine mouth. I appreciate all the guidance, assistance, and wisdom shared by guru Vishesh Narayan. Long live to guruji!

Satgurudev Narayan Dutt Shrimali is the most compassionate, merciful, and powerful guru I have ever come across in my life. I was shaken to the core of my heart by his mere divine presence, voice, and pravachans.

Gurudev is the true definition of modern spirituality and has shown by his practical experience that godliness and god manifestations can still be experienced and achieved in the very life. The next generation will surely undertake great research and do a thesis on such a unique personality that has come directly from siddharam to reclaim us.

One moon (Gurudev) is enough to spread the light and wisdom far and wide unlike modern so-called gurus who are mere stars and cannot guide the sadhaks to ultimate truth and spiritual emancipation because they do not have practical experience of God.

Gurudev teaches by practical experience not from books, unlike other so-called gurus. Without the guru’s grace and compassion even, god cannot help in our spiritual endeavors. This was my own experience when I failed in several attempts at the start of my journey.

The lotus feet of Gurudev are the only boat and shelter that can help us to cross over the ocean of misery, darkness, and sufferings into light, bliss, eternity, peace, and truth. This is my own practical experience and realization. I have personally shared my devotion and gratitude to him now and then as a token of gratitude.
Living God Amongst Us

We are directly witnessing a living god amongst us in the divine compassionate form of Gurudev. Gurudev can be ferocious, fearless, and uncompromising like a lion in the face of adversities who are against the true principles of Vedic dharma as expounded in sacred scriptures.

On the other hand, Gurudev is very caring, compassionate, and dear to his devotees like his own life (prana) and can even initiate them in secret powerful sadhanas without waiting for his guru for our spiritual benefits. Where to find such a great compassionate exalted Satgurudev nowadays!

Gurudev works relentlessly day and night to bring down those top-secret sadhanas unknown to this mortal world for our spiritual benefits.

Those sadhanas were practiced only by sanyasis but Gurudev has changed the rule and offered all of us including grihastas the gift of those confidential sadhanas unconditionally this is the greatness and compassion of Sadgurudev Narayan Dutt Shrimali Ji. Those sadhaks are indeed fortunate to come, touch, hear and have direct darshan of him who is no less than trinity in my eyes.

In this kali yuga, it is indeed rare to have such a great Paramahamsa to impart practical, confidential, and spiritual practices unknown to the world as practiced in Siddhashram. Gurudev out of his sweet has come down here for our spiritual emancipation, karyaan, and to reclaim us to Siddhashram.

We should all seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have his divine blessings, love, and compassion. He is a guru par excellence and a very unique boon for all mankind. Long live guruvar!

Divine Experience in Life After Deeksha

Guruvar will be a reference and landmark in all great spiritual works for all his great monumental sadhanas, mystical mantras, tantras, and spiritual practices he has accomplished and unconditionally imparted to all of us without caste distinction.

No guru can achieve such feats indeed you walk to talk just like the great ancient Siddha rishis. We are reliving this unique golden era in your divine presence where rishis, mahatmas, and saints used to walk, preach and stay on this earth plane.

The entire universe is blessed to have a great divine soul amongst human beings for our spiritual guidance and enlightenment. You have been able to strike my heart like a thunderbolt that cannot go unnoticed…it’s like a second birth for me.

Your divine blessings are the essential ingredients to make my sowed spiritual seed sprout out and grow into a big tree someday in this life or the next. I am expressing my gratitude, devotion, and thankfulness to you guruvar for just being on my side on this spiritual journey.

I have set out without a guru in the early days of my life and now I close this chapter by having your grace and blessings all along to complete my divine mission. Let me hold your lotus feet in my hands and never let go of it.




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